Sweet Club House

About Us

When Florence Hayward Sweet died in 1943, she left a bequest of $60,000 to build a club house for “the women of Attleboro, to serve their common interests in forwarding social and cultural ideals.”  Her dream was realized in May 1956 when the trustees of the Sweet fund opened the Florence Hayward Sweet Club House, located on the corner of Bank and Peck Streets.  Even at its inception, the Club House was available to other organizations for meetings.  Over the years many of the original women’s clubs have closed, and general use has expanded.  

Built in the style of Colonial Williamsburg, the white clapboard building has the appearance of a private dwelling, but inside you find a spacious, main meeting room with a raised platform containing two pianos, an adjoining area next to a fully-equipped kitchen, a foyer with coat racks and restrooms.  The Club House staff takes pride in the efficient administration and careful maintenance of the meeting place.  It is an attractive place for public or private meetings, receptions and parties, with a capacity of 96 persons.​